(La socca) – la socca

File:Socca-plate.jpg10 minutes
Cooking time : 5 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people :

250 grams of chick-pea flour.
3 mustard glasses of water.
Olive oil.
1 coffee spoon of salt.

Symbol of goustaroun (“elevenses” or a mid-morning snack) even more than the pan-bagnat (literally,” soaking bread”), socca is only really perfect when consumed on the marketplace with a glass of red wine and in the company of some friends. It can only really be appreciated with the cries of the stall-holders or with the noise of a bar in the background, and this delicious mixture of the smell of wood-fire, vegetables, cheeses, spices and stockfish.
You can try to make it yourself if you have a wood oven, or, in the limit, and if you are really desperate, in your cooker raised to its maximum temperature.

Thoroughly mix the flour, salt and 3 or 4 soup spoons of highly fruity olive oil with the water.
Pass the lot through a sieve to eliminate the lumps.
Socca is cooked in a perfectly flat, tinned, well-oiled copper pan which has a base thickness of 3 mm.
It should be peppered liberally and is accompanied by a cool glass of good red wine.

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